Social Apostolate

By experiencing the compassionate love of Eucharistic Jesus through prayer life we choose the life of poor and taking over the sufferings of humanity. We lead them to total liberation and self-sufficiency through preventive, curative, rehabilitative, and developmental programmes.

So as to help the poor around us to become economically independent, we are working technical training institutions of cutting and tailoring, embroidery, computer etc. We try to raise the standard of education of the poor around us through Balawadies for kids and Tuition classes for school going children. We formed Balamandals to motivate the children and cultivate values among them. Youth mandals and youth clubs were formed for betterment of the uneducated youth. We had many SHG in different villages of different stations for uplifting and betterment of the women. We are giving importance to women empowerment and education in order to uplift the quality of families.