Holy Angel Play School, Madhapar

Holy Angel Play House Inagrauated on 9 th June 2014 in Amal Jyothi Bhavan. Sr.Jacintha Kallidukkil was appointed as the principal and Sr. Lissy Othikal was the Manager of the School. Sr. Annie Kandathinkara also teaching in this school. Sisters in regional house are working in different institutions as Christ College and Christ Hospital.

Sisters use to visit the houses of our Children those whom are studying in our play house. They care for the children those who are weak in studies, by giving extra classes for them. Sisters are visiting the sick people who are admitting in Christ Hospital every Sunday. We also help some poor widows in their needs. As a part of social Apostolate we are helping the slum children to study by conducting evening classes for them .In short e are trying to become witness of Eucharistic Jesus through our apostolate and life.