Christ Ladies' Hostel, Rajkot

Christ Lady’s Hostel (Aradhana Sadan) started in the month of April 2001 at the request of Bishop Gregory Karotemprel cmi. This hostel was begun as the memento of the Silver Jubilee of the Adoration Sisters, since they come headed for the Rajkot Mission. It is owned and managed by Aradhana Charitable Trust, a registered Trust. The trustees are sisters of the Adoration congregation, who take care of the requirements of the inmate of the hostel.

It is established to outfit the needs of girl students studying in Christ College, Rajkot. We afford special care to sustain academic atmosphere to facilitate serious studies of the inmates and to face the challenges of real life. We have given special attention to keep the hostel as a second home for its inmate.

The purpose of this hostel is the integral growth of the girls especially for the students of Christ College.

The hostel was shifted from ‘Shreenathjy’ Apartment to new building at Munjka, nearby Christ campus on 6th June 2005. Bishop Gregory K. blessed the house. The hostel is started by June 9th, 2005 with more facilities.