News & Events


  •  Mother Lissy visited our novices in Dhoni and postulance in Andhra.
  •  Mother Lissy attended in the administration and formation gathering conducted at cenacle on 26 – 28, Nov 2016.
  •  Sr. Jacintha & Sr. Annie participated in the night vigil conducted at Baroda.
  •  Sr. Mable Thadathil completed her 40 days retreat at cenacle.
  •  Hearty condolence to Sr. Elsa for the demise of her beloved mother.


  •  Many of our sisters and candidates participated in the ‘Akhanda Japamala’ conducted by the diocese of Rajkot on 19th & 20th Nov 2016.
  •  "Akhanda Japamala" was conducted in our Region on 15th Nov.
  •  On 20th Nov, the concluding day of year of Mercy we provided meals for the poor people around us.
  •  The formees gathering of this year was held at Bishop’s house Rajkot on 14th & 15th 2016. 8 of our candidates attended the gathering. Various competitions, Cultural items and games were programmed with a view to increase their socialization. Our candidates got Ist prize for Bible quiz, Ist prize for speech and II nd prize for memory test. Congratulations to our dear candidates.